Leaves that Last

At Noble Forge we receive a lot of our inspiration on custom metal pieces from nature, particularly we like leaves.  Spending time outdoors, the beauty of trees, leaves and flowers can surround you, especially during the time of spring.  It is a creative challenge to reproduce the exquisiteness of the outdoors in metal.  That is why when you look at a lot of our work you will find natures elements abound.  It takes an artist of metal to capture the intricacies of leaves in a piece of iron.Structure of a Leaf

Simulating the complexities of the blade of a leaf including the midrib, sinus’, lobes, veins, margins and the petiole and reproducing them in metal takes an artist and time.  Especially when that piece is hand-made and not mass produced.  Each one of our leaves is unique just like in nature.  It takes time, effort and an artist that is highly skilled in the craft of blacksmithing to achieve the look and texture of a leaf in metal.  Noble Forge has produced dozens of different types of leaves during out almost 20 years of business.  Examples of some of the leaves we have recreated in metal include:  Maple, Gingko, Laurel, Oak, Hickory, Beech and Birch, as well as many others.

Custom Ironworks Metal Tree

Some examples of different leaves are shown below.  Do you have a favorite tree or leaf?  Have you ever considered having something designed in metal that captures the essence of a plant you enjoy and having it displayed in a functional piece of art or architectural detail in your home or work space?  We at Noble Forge know and appreciate nature and enjoy the challenge and inspiration creating unique pieces that embody nature it all its splendor.  Let us create a custom piece for you.

Custom Ironworks, design details, blacksmith, ironworks, metal works, metal art, iron art scrollonwood2 Leaf with Bronze Patina