An Everlasting Gift for your Beyond Special Someone


Soon the harried holiday season is going to take hold. People will be out and about shopping for that perfect gift; many of which will be gifts that live in just this moment and are only for this time. At Noble Forge we wish to offer to you a different thought on gift giving, and this is take the time to slow down the fast paced shop-till-you-drop to create a beyond special gift for that beyond special someone.

We will work directly with you to take the design and feel you envision, and then translate it into a beautiful, sculptural, custom forged piece; one that will be a cherished for years, even generations, to come.

Imagine how honored they will feel when presented with your creation! Your gift could be functional, fun or inspirational, either way it will be instantly recognized for its uniqueness. All of the pieces we create – fireplace screens, tool sets, andirons, railings, chandeliers and gates – are hand-formed by skilled artisans in our studio located North Hollywood, California. Each piece is carefully crafted using time-honored and centuries-old techniques, an approach that is rarely used today –this attention to detail and authenticity is what makes our pieces so special.

A one-of-a-kind, gorgeous piece of art does not happen overnight. It may take up to six weeks to complete a project, so contact us today (818-765-5004) and let’s get started on a most amazing gift for this season – one that will last for every single season of a lifetime and then some.

At Noble Forge we’ve established a well-deserved reputation for exceptional hand-forged products, allow us to help you establish a well-deserved reputation as a gift giver of the highest form – one that creates beauty from the heart.

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