About the Artist

A Life Shaped By Steel 

For over twenty-five years Phillip Bowling, artisan blacksmith and founder of Noble Forge, has been proudly preserving the time-honored tradition of hand-forged metal artwork. While often partnering with top architects, contractors, celebrity decorators and designers, Phillip’s passion for metalwork flourishes with each project.

Phillip got his start in metal working in his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky; where he trained with local artisans and blacksmiths and later went on to serve a four-year apprenticeship with the Boilermakers Union. Determined to further master the craft of blacksmithing. Phillip ventured out west where he founded Noble Forge in North Hollywood in 1996.

In addition to his outstanding skill and design sense, Bowling brings an intangible element to his metalwork, going beyond the physical world. “Nature is the greatest catalyst for my work, the natural world is intertwined with my existence.  I am drawn to explore my setting through hiking, gathering, and photographing in the hills and valley near my home and am constantly searching for new shapes and forms to integrate into my work.”

Phillip Bowling, artist, blacksmith, motorcycle

Always straying from commercial mass production, Phillip maintains an uncompromising commitment to the purest form of his craft in each one of his uniquely beautiful pieces.  “To finish one of my designs, or make a new design, if I need a special tool, I have to make it.”  Phillip makes all of his own hammers, tongs or any other implement he uses to shape metal.  All the work he produces is custom, exclusive, hand-designed and executed.  As a result, Phillip takes great pride in making home furnishings and decorative objects to add a custom and original touch to any home or business.  Each piece created regardless of its size, features, and complexity of design receives an uncompromising attention to quality and detail.

An artist at heart, when Phillip is not sculpting one of his beautiful pieces, you can  find him playing guitar and singing in his band, or cruising the backroads on his Harley looking for opportunities to enhance his craft.