A History on the Noble Brothers Foundry

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Noble Brothers Foundry

Recently we received an inquiry as to whether or not we were somehow associated to the Noble Brothers Foundry, a large ironworks manufacturer based in Rome, Georgia, USA back in the 1850’s. Unfortunately, Noble Forge has no ties to the Noble Brothers Foundry but an investigation into the history seemed appropriate.

Cornwall Furnace by Noble Brothers Foundry

Ruins of Cornwall Furnace

The Noble Brothers Foundry helped shape history and produced parts associated with steam boat engines, furnaces, locomotives, and firearms (notably cannons) before, during and after the United States Civil War. The first Confederate cannon was made by Noble in Rome, from iron drawn from the hills of Cherokee County and smelted at Cornwall.

There is a story that says that James Noble was visiting a manufacturing exposition in Sydenham, England when he saw samples of some iron from the Round Mountains and decided he had to move there.  He and son James, natives of Cornwall, England, headed west and relocated to Rome, Georgia.  Apparently, the remains of the facility can still be seen today and more about how and what the Noble Brothers made can be found online or you can visit the historical sight of the old forge.  If your are a Civil War buff then this is a story worth looking into.